Reaper OCR provides the complete mud ‘n’ obstacle experience. Water crossings, mud trails and scrambling on your hands and knees,
all to reach the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s the ultimate 10k that will breathe life into you.

And new for October 2016, Reaper Dry5.

A great selection of Reaper challenges, without the water obstacles, all set around a 5km cross-country course. Fantastic for everyone who does not feel ready to take on the full Reaper and those who just don’t like too much water.

Season Opener 25th March 2017

Heart of England Conference Centre


Blow away those winter blues with our season opener, 10km, day, night or both. 40+ obstacles and of course, lots of mud.

And don’t forget the Dry5. 20 great Reaper obstacles over a 5km course, but without any water based challenges. Daytime only.

Kid's Race 25th March 2017

Heart of England Conference Centre


Kids love mud too! Let them have their fun with this awesome 1.5km kid’s muddy obstacle race.

Complete as many laps as you like in the time allowed over a mixture of adult and junior challenges.

For mini mud lovers aged 5-15.

Reaper Events

Not for the faint-hearted, Reaper offers mud-runners both day and night 10k challenges which have it all – plenty of mud, icy water, tough obstacles, slides and jumps. You name it, Reaper has the lot. There’s free parking and a free commemorative photograph downloadable from our Facebook page. Every run is different and never designed or built in the same way. Experienced mud runner or first-time novice, Reaper takes competitors to the ragged edge of endurance, with some serious cross-country terrain. This is obstacle running at its very, very best. And for teams of six or more, Reaper Events offers a generous discount for entry. It’s the same for those raising money for charity. But show any mental or physical weakness, the Reaper will take you. You must survive! Cross the finish line alive, you’ll be handed the mark of the Reaper – a rugged and fully-deserved medal - reward for true grit and determination and seeing the challenge through right to the end. You’ve cheated the Reaper. Book your date with destiny now!
Reaper Events
Reaper EventsThursday, March 23rd, 2017 at 7:50pm
After 10k of muddy fun don't forget to save some energy for the final 20 meters! The Beast is back!

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